Saturday, April 9, 2011

a very simple celebration

I tried to cook spaghetti for the first time, all by myself when my baby turned two years old last March 9. Unlike on her first birthday celebration where we had balloons, hotdogs, spaghetti, cake, favors and guests, this time we celebrated it with just me and her daddy. 

on her first birthday: spaghetti, pancit sotanghon, maja blanca, bico and hotdogs with  marshmallows

cake on her first birthday
The picture below shows the simple treats that we had this time on her second birthday: Gardenia classic bread, mini chocolate cake that we bought from the Corner Bakery at SM Hypermarket, Goldilocks mocha cake from tatay Lando and a serving of the spaghetti that I cooked.

sorry I don't have a close up picture of the spaghetti

Since it's my first time to cook spaghetti and i'm all by myself, i didn't bother taking pictures of the preparation and the cooking process. Anyways, this blog was created after my baby's birthday so i have an excuse for the missing pictures. A room for improvement for this blog--now i'm getting off topic... 

the birthday girl trying to blow one of the candles

The verdict on my version of spaghetti:
me: not to brag but it's good for a beginner ;)
my mom: the pasta was a little bit over cooked :(
mia and daddy ipe: speechless [i assumed that they like the spaghetti they both had second helpings :)]

Not to brag again but the one kilo spaghetti that i prepared and cooked all by myself (oh by the way, my husband helped me in mixing the pasta with the sauce--thanks honey!) was gone in less than an hour.

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