Monday, April 4, 2011

happy woman with happy Feet :)

Shoes makes a woman happy. I am a happy woman because i now have a new pair of Crocs shoes :)

I am actually ready to give up and accept the fact that I am not going to own a pair of Crocs just yet but then again who would do just that when it’s FREE and free things, giveaways and the like are my weaknesses nowadays specially that I’m having financial difficulties but I will not talk about that here because this is a happy blog.

A long story, I bought a copy of Smart Parenting magazine (July 2010 issue) and joined their contest. August 2010 I got an email that I won. They asked me for our shoe sizes (my baby girl and mine). I was told that Crocs will give us gift certificates instead of actual shoes. I got my shoe voucher (gift certificates). We went to the stores indicated in the voucher. Our sizes are not available for the specified designs on our vouchers (McCall Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty Custom Clog). I had to call different stores once in a while to check for the availability of our sizes. No luck at all. All these by the way happened within five to seven months. Check out my other blog (will update very soon, check back for updates thanks!) on how i finally got my new pair--a classic McCall in dahlia :)

I am happy with my new shoes that i can use at the office or even while playing at the park with my hubby and our baby Mia or during a stroll at the mall.

Mia got her pair too (will post a picture of her pair but i couldnt load it from my phone yet, check back for updates thanks!) but we still have to wait until it fits her perfectly. We got the size which is bigger than her feet because if we get her actual size she wouldn't be able to enjoy them for long. Happy Happy Happy me and my baby!

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