Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our MAFBEX 2016 experience

June 12, 2016, Saturday. Manila World Trade Center. This is our third year to attend Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX). Year 2012 was our first year, it was just the three of us--me and my sisters. We weren't able to attend on 2013 and 2014 due to schedule conflicts and budget constraints. Last year (2015) my sisters and I  went with my hubby and our daughter. Then this year, we went last June 12 (which also was the celebration of Philippine Independence), me and my daughter Mia met up with my sisters. Lucky for me, I won a complimentary ticket from the Facebook promo of WorldBex so we only paid for three tickets. We were not able to take a photo of our tickets this year but we got to exchange the tickets for eco bags where you can put your haul (flyers, product samples, bought products, etc) as you roam around the expo hall. Will share with your our take home treats in a separate post.

an eco bag in exchange for a ticket

It was the last day of the expo. The event was held from June 8. We saw Chef Boy Logro where he demoed whipping up dishes using Baguio Oil and on the other side of the hall, there was Chef Lau (Rolando Laudico) for the battle of fried rice and to promote Harvester's Rice variants, when we passed by that area it is already the Q&A portion with the audience. If you're a MAFBEX goer, and you stay and watch the cooking demos, you'll also have a chance to taste the finished product.

leaflets, flyers and small product samples; selfie with a mascot;chef Boy invited an audience to come up to the stage for a taste
If you like to try new things, taste new flavors, just like when you are in a grocery store--you'll get a lot of that by roaming around. Mia even went back not once or twice but a lot of times on one of the stalls for a cup of chocolate slushie--she can't help it, means it's really delicious.

had to pose at the entrance

Make sure to start from one side and go from alley to alley so you can check out everything. There are lots of stalls to see: new food products, gourmet food, favorite snacks, viands, drinks, food carts, food franchise, food business equipment, cooking utensils, pots and pans, food trucks, everything about food! We also got the chance to have selfies with mascots :)

see you again next year!

If you plan to visit next year, bring budget for food, food and food and other things too... and dress like you're going to a super sale. We enjoyed the experience. Hope to be able to be there again next year.

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