Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plato Wraps

This is my first time to try Plato Wraps. At our company's canteen, aside from the main food concessionaire we also invite other food concessionaires which changes twice a month. There will be a new food concessionaire next week so I have to try Plato Wraps this time.

At 42 pesos ($ 0.97), I got the ham and cheese variant with a regular crust. They offer three types of crusts: regular, wheat and pesto. For me, the filling is just enough, the taste just right. Just one comment I would like to add, readers please don't get mislead by my comment as we all have different taste preferences okay and maybe I just expected the ham to be the ham that I used to know (you know the ham that we're used to have for sandwiches)--for this one, the ham was more like meat loaf but it tastes good so I don't have a problem with it.

Yeah I know, I am not that good in doing reviews for food but I am trying my best here and I know I still have lots of things to learn so please bear with me for this post. I'm a newbie at food reviews :)

Plus as I have said on my previous posts, I am using my cellphone camera so please bear with the pictures too. I thank my readers so much for your support and understanding, I know as we go along with this blog, in time, this will get better and better and even better--of course with your help and comments and suggestions which are very much welcome. There is also a chat box on the right side of your window, feel free to drop a line or two :)

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