Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to Rizal

I am from Quezon City but I am also a proud RizaleƱo. A few days after I was born in Manila, my parents brought me at my mom's hometown (Rizal) then back. Two weeks after I started grade three, me and my sisters were brought home (in Jalajala, Rizal) for good and transferred school there and then mainly because of asthma. Imagine that was more than ten years ago and the air in metro manila was already that polluted to cause our ashtma what more now? Clean air was the reason why we moved in Rizal and until now, it is the reason why once in a while we must be there--to breathe in fresh clean air. I finished grade school and high school in Rizal and spent my holiday and what have you vacations there. My friends and barkadas are from there. My husband is also from Jalajala, Rizal.

By the way, why am I talking about Rizal anyway? I am joining Ang Trip ni Rizal's blog contest and I decided to post it here on my food blog rather on my personal blog because I would like to choose the Food Trip package if I will win the contest so that I can eventually post about the trip and the food here on my food blog. Actually, I am torn between the food trip package and the Eco-Nature trip package because although I grew up and spent half of my life in Rizal I was not able to travel there that much and enjoy the nature and the food because I am still a student that time and I am not the type who asks for money from parents to use for lakwatsa

This is my official entry to Ang Trip ni Rizal - Trip Ko 'To! Blog Contest. If you want to have a taste of what it's like to be in Rizal province, just click on the link for the full mechanics.

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